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We are an internationally active tax consultancy, providing a wide range of consultancy services for companies interested in establishing a presence in the German market. We build working relationships with our clients based on personal contact, cooperation, responsibility and mutual trust, respect and understanding.



We provide innovative solutions for the complex problems that emerge when setting up a business in Germany and Europe at large. Our first-hand market knowledge and know-how can ease start-up difficulties in the areas of initial establishment, investment, location and product and service opportunities for your organisation in the European market.



During your oranisation's stabilisation phase in the German or European market, the following classical consultancy fields become especially relevant: Tax accounting, production and auditing of annual accounts, employee income tax and VAT advice, ongoing keeping of accounts and assisting consolidated accounting.



We will help you find a timely and precise solution whether you should decide to exit the market in Germany. Prior to taking such actions, allow us to examine your financial situation through our trustworthy insolvency services that include a SWOT-analysis. We will get back to you with a detailed analysis and information that will lead you to a better decision.