A Company online


We are a professional firm that makes it possible for you to communicate with us at all levels online. Distances are no longer of any significance if you decide on digital accounting.


With digital accounting, you no longer have to let your vouchers leave your premises but simiply digitalise your hardcopy vouchers by scanning them and transmitting them to online voucher management. The vouchers are stored and managed there in a voucher archive and are available to you and us as your tax accountants as the basis for keeping of accounts.


The cash ledger, incoming invoices, outgoing invoices, bank accounts, payments and payroll can all be recorded online and you can then generate corresponding evaluations such as customer ranking, item ranking and business trends.


Should you wish to take on the keeping of accounts on your own we can provide you with online help when uncertainties arise.

We provide you with the greatest possible security of the online communications levels by means of the externally secured DATEV Net, in other words, we secure our entire email traffic as well as online connections to the DATEV computer centre via the DATEV server with the corresponding firewall so that it is extremely difficult for any outsider to log in.