We can provide you with a variety of options, ranging from setting up your accounting system through to managing your entire accounting system for you. We also can set up a complete, transparent and efficient cost-accounting system for business controlling.


We provide the following individual services:


» Setup and Organisation of Your Accounting System

- Organisational analysis for best process option with in-house vs. external accounting solutions

- Selection of appropriate account structures and creation of account plan

- Collection and entry of core data

- Definition of analytical methods

- Suggestions for the processing of the expected data volume


Complete Accounting Service

- Ensuring compliance with all requirements of GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles)

- Tax burden-reducing and audit-proof preparation of required documentation for annual audits and/or external tax audits carried out in accordance with commercial law, tax law or IAS/IFRS standards

- Securing all required documentation for the assessment of national and international VAT transactions.


Setup of cost-accounting system

- Determining evaluation targets

- Setting up cost centres and/or cost units

- Determining the distribution scheme for common costs